Hey! Here are my theme song choices for the Charcters:

Apple White: Charli XCX - !franchesckaar!

Raven Queen: Lorde - royals

Madeline Hatter: Kerli - Tea Party

Briar Beauty: Charli XCX - break the rules

Ashlynn Ella: Zedd ft. Foxes - clarity

Hunter Huntsman: Daniel Beddingfield - if you're not the one

Cerise Hood: The Pierces - secret

C.A. Cupid: Charli XCX - boom clap

Kitty Cheshire: Avril Lavigne - smile

Lizzie Hearts: Marina And The Diamonds - solitare

Blondie Lockes: Marina And The Diamonds - oh no!

Cedar Wood: IB - puppet

Duchess Swan: Ashley Tidsdale - i want it all

Ginger Breadhouse: Lil Debbie - BAKE A CAKE

Faybelle Thorn: The Hex Girls - hex girl

Poppy O' Hair: Lady Gaga - hair

Holly O' Hair: Willow Smith - whip my hair

Darling Charming: Tata Young - cinderella

Rosabella Beauty: Meg And Dia - the last great star in hollywood

Bunny Blanc: Florence And The Machine - rabbit heart

Alistair Wonderland: One Direction - you don't know you're beautiful

Dexter Charming: Echosmith - cool kids

Daring Charming: LMFAO - Im sexy and i know it

Hopper Croakington II: Marina And The Diamonds - hermit the frog


Emmy Breadhouse: Puffy Amiyumi - urei

Luna Thorn: Monster High - empire

Dusk Charming: Bea Miller - young blood

Bordeaux Wolf: Mariya Yaremchuk - tick tock

Okay, there they are! Leave it in the comments if i have missed a character or you have any other song choices. Thanks! :D

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