Hey guys!

The voting just ended. So, let's see the results!

Daring Charming has so many romance moments such as Dizzie, Dapple and Darise. Let's see the results!


Dapple (Daring and Apple): 7

Dizzie (Daring and Lizzie): 12

Darise (Daring and Cerise): 4

Winner: Dizzie (Daring and Lizzie)

Let's see who will win Duchess's heart. Sparrow Hood vs Humphrey Dumpty. Let's see who won!


Sparrow Hood: 14

Humphrey Dumpty: 6

Winner: Sparrow Hood

Ok! The winners are Dizzie and Sparrow Hood. The next round will be aired tomorrow.

Thanks! And have a wonderlandiful day!

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