I love that I get to be the next Mad Hatter. The tea parties, the riddle games, the fun with talking bunnies.
— Madeline in her diary
Madeline Hatter
Profile art- Madeline Hatter II
Daughter of The Mad Hatter
Side Rebel
Birthday June 8
Roommate Kitty Cheshire
BFFAs Everyone. Raven Queen especially
Favourite Subject Che-myth-stry

Madeline Hatter, also know as Maddie, is a cheery, happy girl who loves madness and tea parties. Maddie has a good choice of destiny, though would rather befriend Raven Queen and help her choose her destiny.


Maddie is cheery, happy and kind. She loves to be friends with everybody, and thinks everything is "Hat-tastic". With a desire to become the next Mad Hatter, she wants to help Raven choose her own destiny. Because of this, she is a Rebel.


Maddie has mint hair, with streaks of purple. It's curly. Her eyes are sky blue. She has a small purple tea-cup hat, gold spoon earrings and a teal and gold necklace.


Madeline's nickname by her friends is "Maddie". Her name is suitable for her, as the "Mad" part of her name reffers to "Mad Hatter".


Madeline is the Mad Hatter's daughter. It is unknown who her mother is, as only her father managed to escape Wonderland.


Maddie's BFFA is Raven Queen. Though in her bio, she states she likes everybody in general due to her friendliness.


As stated in her bio, she is waiting for somebody who loves tea and wonderlandiful madness as much as her.


Madeline's pet is a dormouse named Earl Grey. He is witty, and is her tea companion.


Because of coming from Wonderland, she can do many impossible things. She has a magical hat that she can pull absolutely anything out of, no matter the size.

Class ScheduleEdit

  • Chemythstry
  • Debate

Colour SchemeEdit

Madeline's colour scheme consists of: blue, purple, gold, white, teal and black.