Crowns and smiles under one tree.
— Kitty in her diary
Kitty Cheshire
Daughter of the Cheshire Cat
Side Rebel
Birthday May 24
Roommate Madeline Hatter
BFFAs Lizzie Hearts
Madeline Hatter
Bunny Blanc
Alistair Wonderland
Favourite Subject Georgafairy

Kitty Cheshire is a sneaky and conniving girl who loves to prank. Even though she would love to be like her mother, she is a Rebel for unknown reasons. She loves to create chaos and helps her mother with pranking.


Kitty is sneaky, conniving and cheeky. Because of this, people get easily annoyed with her. Though in general, she is just following her destiny for a lay out. Kitty could also be loyal to the bone, because as seen in her diary, Kitty blamed herself for leaving Alistair and Bunny in Wonderland. She swore to always look out for her friends. She also wants to make Lizzie Hearts feel better in Lizzie Hearts's Diary.


Kitty has purple hair in pig-tails. Her eyes are a misty blue.


Kitty's full name is Katrine or Kathrine. She likely shortened it to Kitty to be more obvious.


Kitty's mother is The Cheshire Cat. It is unknown who her father is, or if she has any more family.


Kitty's BFFA is Lizzie Hearts. She also gets along with the other Wonderlandians, such as Madeline Hatter, Alistair Wonderland and Bunny Blanc.


Kitty does not have a boyfriend or crush.


Kitty's pet is a catepillar named Carrolloo. Carrolloo is likely the same species of the blue catepillar in Alice In Wonderland.


Kitty can disappear from place to place at will, an ability she inherited from her mother. She also has the power to be invisible.

Class ScheduleEdit

  • Georgafairy
  • Grimmnastics
  • Swim Class

Color SchemeEdit

Kitty's color scheme consists of: purple, black and sometimes pink.