Faybelle Thorn
Daughter of The Dark Fairy
Side Royal
Birthday Unknown
Roommate Bunny Blanc
BFFAs Duchess Swan
Briar Beauty (frenemy)
Favourite Subject General Villainy

Fayebelle Thorn is a sassy and grumpy Royal at Ever After High. Faybelle is looking forward to her destiny, as she casts evil spells all the time. Faybelle is the lead Cheerhexer at Ever After High.


Faybelle is grumpy, and sassy in her ways. If she gets mad, a blue aura appears around her and things start to levitate. Fayebelle wants to become "the baddest fairy of them all", but according to "Fayebelle's Choice" she would actually like to rewrite, and apologize.

Faybelle would sometimes be sassy and sometimes would realize her mistakes. As she realizes them, she would ask for forgiveness and would later be grumpy again.


Faybelle has light blonde/white hair with tealy-mint streaked bangs. Her eyes are slate grey. She has a butterfly shaped birthmark next to her left eye.


The "Fay" part of her name is individual, but "Belle" means beauty in french, likely reffering to Beauty And The Beast. Her name is also fairly similar to the word "Fable", which is included in the Fairytale World.


Faybelle's mother is the Dark Fairy. It is unknown who her father is or if she has any more family.


Faybelle's BFFA is Duchess Swan, likely becacause they are the "mean girls" of Ever After High. Fayebelle also gets along with Briar Beauty, her destined nemesis and current frenemy. Even though they get mad at her, the Cheerhexing team are likely her acquaintances, such as Holly O'Hair, Hunter Huntsman, Nina Thumbell and Farrah Goodfairy. She also has a group of fairies that follow her around.


Fayebelle doesn't have a boyfriend or crush because it will just clip her wings.


It is unknown who Fayebelle's pet is or if she has one.


Fayebelle's powers are similar to Raven Queen's. If she gets mad, things levitate and float around in a teal film. Raven's power color is lavendar whereas Fayebelle's is teal.

Class ScheduleEdit

  • General Villainy.
  • Home Evilnomics

Color SchemeEdit

Fayebelle's color scheme consists of: teal, white, grey, navy, silver and black.