Duchess Swan
Daughter of The Swan Princess
Side Royal
Birthday April 30
Roommate Lizzie Hearts
BFFAs Faybelle Thorn
Favourite Subject Dance Class-ic

Duchess Swan is a Royal at Ever After High, but isn't really looking forward to her destiny due to her story being cursed to be a swan forever. So, she tries to steal others' Happily Ever Afters. She knows that the Rebels's stories are as bad as they could be. Thus, making her a Royal.

Personality Edit

Duchess is known to be grumpy and mean. In True Hearts Day - Part 3, she tried to steal Ashlynn Ella's story by revealing that Ashlynn and Hunter Huntsman are dating. But you could see in Best Feather Forward that Duchess has a kinder and gentler side. So it could be that Duchess could sometimes be kind.

Appearance Edit

Duchess has long white hair with black and mauve stripes which is in a low ponytail. She has brown eyes and light olive skin.

Name Edit

Duchess means elegance and poise. And this traits Duchess' personality and attitude.

Family Edit

Duchess is the daughter of Queen Odette. It is unknown who her father is, or if she has any other family.

Friends Edit

Duchess's BFFA is Faybelle Thorn. As they both are mean and rude. She also partners with Sparrow Hood for sneaking and searching for gossips that could make her steal other's destinies. Her roommate is Lizzie Hearts but the two aren't on good terms. But Duchess' swan, Pirouette is good friends with Lizzie's pet hedgehog, Shuffle.

Romance Edit

Duchess has a crush on Daring Charming. She became jealous of Apple White because Daring asked Apple to the dance instead of her. In Kitty Cheshire's Diary, Duchess went on a date with Daring at the Multi-hex theater.

Pet Edit

Duchess has a pet swan called Pirouette.

Powers Edit

Duchess has the ability to turn into a swan, walk on water, fly, and swim.

Class Schedule Edit

  • Advance Ballet
  • Dance Class-ic
  • Muse-ic
  • General Villainy
  • Princessology

Color Scheme Edit

Duchess's color scheme consists of: white, lavender and black.