Dexter Charming
DexterCharming - Profile Art
Son of King and Queen Charming
Side Royal
Birthday February 11th
Roommate Hunter Huntsman
BFFAs Daring Charming and Hunter Huntsman
Favourite Subject Hero Training

Dexter Charming is a Royal at Ever After High. He is quite intelligent. Dexter is the son of King Charming from the story Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. However, it seems that he has more friends on the Rebels side (Raven Queen, Hunter Huntsman, etc.)


Dexter is shy and intelligent. And can be clumsy at times. He wishes to be like his brother due to being brave and handsome. Mostly because of how he attracts girls. He likes the support of his friends.


Dexter has brown messy hair. He wears a crown and glasses.


Dexter is likely short for "Dexterous" which means smart and crafty which totally suits Dexter's characteristics and personality.


Dexter is one of three children. His older brother is Daring Charming, and his sister is Darling Charming.



Dexter had a crush on Raven Queen for a very long time. He finally asked her out in "Chosen With Care."



When Dexter removes his glasses, it has the same effect as Daring's smile.

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