Daring Charming
Son of King Charming
Side Royal
Birthday Unknown
Roommate Hopper Croakington II
BFFAs Dexter Charming, Sparrow Hood, and Hopper Croakington II
Favourite Subject Unknown

Daring Charming is a heroic and handsome student at Ever After High. He is part of the Royals. Daring can be considered as selfish and self-centered, but it appears he is two-sided. This is likely because, as a traditional Royal, he is living up to his father's expectations.

Personality Edit

Daring can be full of himself at times, but his personality seemed to throw out a sweet and caring side in Lizzie Hearts Fairy Tale First Date. He has always been considered his father's favorite, possibly why he is like he is.

Appearance Edit

Daring has blue eyes and silky blonde hair. He always wears his signature golden crown.

Name Edit

Like most Charmings, "Daring" expresses his personality. His family all have the letter "D" at the beginning of their names.


Daring's siblings are Dexter Charming and Darling Charming. His parents are King and Queen Charming. He has many other relatives as well.