C.A. Cupid
Adopted Daughter of Eros
Side Rebel
Birthday February 14
Roommate Blondie Lockes
BFFAs Apple White, Raven Queen and everyone who has an open heart
Favourite Subject Mythology

Chariclo Arganthone Cupid abbreviated as C.A. Cupid was a former student at Monster High and was transferred to Ever After High. Her adopted father is Eros, as she was left on his doorstep. She is a Rebel because she wants people to follow their heart and desires. Cupid would like to know who her real parents are, just in case she is actually a fairytale like she wishes to be.


Cupid is sweet, kind and caring. She loves to help out and encourage others to follow their secret heart's desires. Cupid can be shy and timid at times. She owns her own channel over love, which she formerly ran at Monster High.


Cupid has Pink curly hair. Her lips are pink, with a darker hot pink in the middle. Her eyes are icy blue.


Chariclo Agrathone is a greek name. Agrathone was a huntress from Kios. Chariclo is the daughter of Apollo.


Cupid's adoptive father is Eros. It is unknown who her real parents are, or if she has any other non-related relatives.


Cupid's roommate is Blondie Lockes, so they likely get along well. She is also good friends with Dexter, though really, she has a crush on him. Though in general, she likes everybody.


Cupid has a crush on Dexter Charming, but he only sees her as a close friend. Dexter likes Raven Queen more, which hurts Cupid. She feels she must let go of her true feelings, and help express Dexter's instead.


Cupid recived a Pegasus named Peggy that she received on Legacy Year.


Cupid can persuade others to follow their true hearts. Nevertheless, she cannot do it with her arrows, since she is a "terrible shot".

Class ScheduleEdit

  • Crownculus
  • Mythology

Color SchemeEdit

Cupid's color scheme consists of: pink, bronze, black and beige.