Ashlynn Ella
Daughter of Cinderella
Side Unknown
Birthday October 15th
Roommate Briar Beauty
BFFAs Apple White
Raven Queen
Hunter Huntsman.
Favourite Subject Environmental Magic.

Ashlynn Ella is a student who goes to Ever After High. Ashlynn is a confirmed part of the Royals, though the side she is on can be confusing. She is very environmental, and has a knack for talking to animals.

Personality Edit

Ashlynn is sweet, kind and thoughtful. She is good friends with all animals and magical pixies, explaining why she likes to spend time in the Enchanted Forest. Another reason, she used to go on secret dates with her boyfriend Hunter, but their relationship is revealed nowadays.

Appearance Edit

Ashlynn has wavy auburn hair, the top styled to be a pumpkin. She has emerald eyes. She wears a pink headband.


"Ashlynn" is a mixture of multiple things. The "Ash" part of her name reffers to "Cinder", the first part of her mother's name. It is unknown where the "Lynn" comes from.

Family Edit

Ashlynn is the daughter of Cinderella. Her father is likely her Prince Charming. The Evil Step-Librarians are her two aunts, her cousins the Stepsisters.

Friends Edit

Ashlynn's BFFA is Apple White. She also considers Poppy O'Hair and Blondie Lockes as friends. She is roommates with Briar Beauty, so they are likely friends. Though in general, Hunter is the one who truly understands her.

Romance Edit

Ashlynn's boyfriend is Hunter Huntsman. She says "He's my knight in shining armor. But I have to keep it a secret, okay? Since I'm a princess and he's not a prince, we could get into serious trouble". However, their relationship is no longer a secret.

Pet Edit

Ashlynn has a phoenix called Sandella, which she received on Legacy Year.

Powers Edit

Ashlynn has the ability to speak to animals and pixies at will. Being so kind to them, and their friend, they are usually seen helping her do multiple tasks.

Class Schedule Edit

  • Environmental Magic
  • Princessology

Color Scheme Edit

Ashlynn's outfit consists of: Aqua green, pink, gold and white.

Gallery Edit