This page will tell you all the quotes what Apple White said in each episode she appeared on. If there is something missing, kindly put it.

Stark Raven Mad Edit

"Raven, i adore you. But, like, the other day, you spilled that everlasting black ink all over my new ball gown!"

"You're not supposed to apologize, you're evil!"

True Reflections Edit

"Mirror mirror, so smart and cool! Who's the fairest, at this school?"

"Greatest mirror ever!"

"I'm gonna borrow some jewelry from Briar. BRB!"

"Magic mirror, what do you think?"

"My mirror! Did something happen while i was gone?"

"This, is a royal fairy-fail!"

"Yep, i know..."

"Really? You don't have anything bigger?"

Maddie-In-Chief Edit

"Blondie, just because i don't have an opponent, doesn't mean I'm not going to work my crown off!"

"Let me just say, i will reside over this school like i will rule my future kingdom...perfectly!"

"I think we can make that happen! But i have to check with my co-president..."

"What she said"